Post-Post Education – Learning Never Stops!

Education. It is the key ingredient to the survival of mankind. Without the capacity to learn, we would not have figured out how to make the very basic, yet essential things in life work, such as make fire, hunt for food, or shelter ourselves from harsh weather. It is what sets us above other species. In fact, when a person loses the ability to think for him or herself completely…we refer to them as “vegetables”, or as being in a “vegetative” state. Not only is it often seen as the necessary trait to be declared a human being, or person, but it also enables a people to become organized, civilized, and prosperous down to an individual level.What has struck a chord with me is how a bit “watered down” the concept of education has become. What do I mean by this? Well school as an institution, and education have become one. It is as if many people only see education as something attainable in a traditional school setting. This is a flawed idea in several respects.Consider the fact that just because someone goes to school, does not automatically means they are receiving education, there are failing schools all across the country, and a learning deficit within these schools is becoming a growing problem like the national debt. This leads me to my next point. Schools may not be teaching relevant topics. The school system in America has not improved much over the years and it is starting to show when we look at things from an international perspective, which is especially important in this age of globalization. And the list goes on and on. I’m sure you can think of a few things wrong with the school system yourself as well.The purpose of this article places its focus elsewhere within the realm of education, and that is education OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM AND INSTITUTIONS. It is important to remember that education doesn’t end when class is no longer in session, or when that degree is hung on your wall. On the contrary, that is when the real education begins.